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Exceptional Services at Our Hair Salon

aria hair is the best Hair Salon in Brisbane City, and we’re ready to bring out your good looks. Whether you’re hoping to get ready for a night out on the town or want to look great for that upcoming event, we’ve totally got you covered. Stop by our Hair Salon and check out what our staff of professional experts have to offer!


Hair Color Palette_edited.jpg

Basic colour/ Design colour/ Foiling/  Bleaching

Your stylist will work with you to pick the best one suited to your looks and everyday lifestyle.We are highly experienced in all aspects of our permanent colour including regrowth, Inner, balayage, ombre and colour correction.  The prices of colour varies depending on hair length, colour and design. 
All prices include wash&dry, adding $65 for hair cut ( $57 for Men’s short cut )  with hair colour. Depending on your hair, there are a few different ways we can achieve. We perfectly create to match your skin tones and ensure you feel as beautiful as you look!

Magic Straightening

Straightening Hair_edited.jpg

Japanese Straightening/ Shiseido Professional 

Our Japanese Straightening process breaks the hair bonds and reset it by a flat iron, then makes the hair straight. The benefits of hair rebonding is that it gives permanent results and a marked improvement of your hair’s manageability. It lets you stand a windy environment without messing your hair. The prices of our Shiseido Professional includes haircut and cureplex which is new bonds&buffers formulation product. It normally takes 3-4.5 hours or more. How long this procedure lasts is totally depending on several conditions. Many of our clients come back around half a year period. In other cases, last only 3-4months or more than half a year. You should NOT try this procedure if you've already had bleach or highlight colour because your hair won't be able to handle the chemicals.



Cold perm/ Digital perm

Perm is a process that creates permanent waves in your hair by breaking and rebuilding the bonds to form the desired shape. Our perms are simply variations of the two different processes -Digital Perm or Cold Perm.
Digital perm makes the curls more prominent with dry hair and loose when it is wet. Whereas cold perm is more defined when the hair is wet.The entire process of digital perm, including a cut, shampoo and dry, takes 3 hours approximately and starting from 2.5 hours for cold perm. Digital perms do not add as much volume at the roots as cold perms because the hot rollers cannot be kept too close to your scalp. Cold perms are less damaging than digital perms. But they often come with tighter, less natural looking curls. The prices of our Digital perming depends on hair length. The prices of cold perming varies depending on hair length and perm design.  All perm includes haircut, wash and dry. 

 The best way to determine whether any perm is right for you is to consult a stylist. Your stylist will be able to choose the best solution for your desire for permanent curls! You should NOT try this procedure if you've already had bleach or highlight colour because your hair won't be able to handle the chemicals.



Quick Treatment / Deluxe Treatment

Treatments help soften and condition your hair, hydrate and nourish it keeping it looking smooth, shiny and healthy.  We offer a variety of our professional treatments to combat different levels of damage. A Treatment is particularly important with chemical work like coloured, permed and straightened hair. Not only does a treatment stop the chemical oxidising in the hair, but it actually helps those last longer, by sealing the particles into the hair shaft and providing a brilliant shine to your hair. How long will last for is depending on how is your hair type and condition. It is also how you treat your hair in your daily life, how often you expose your hair to chlorine, saltwater, and the sun etc… 

Our Quick Treatment is offered with other service and take extra 10-20 mins.  Deluxe Treatments are more deep nourishing treatment and hydrating and keeping your hair smooth and healthy.

Head Spa&Treatments are also available.  In addition to stimulating circulation in your scalp, its purpose is refreshing by a massage. A massage can relieve tension in your head, strengthen your roots and soften your hair. 
Ask for us during a consultation to find out which one is the right treatment for your hair. Your stylist will be able to choose the best one for your desire!

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Price List 

                                 Designer Cut   

                       (incl. shampoo&dry)

  Men's                                Ladies

    S $70                                  S $80   

   M $80                                M $80   

    L $88                                L  $88   

  VL$95                                VL$95 

Boys(under 12)                       $60

Girls(under 12)                       $65


          (NOT incl. shampoo & dry)

Kids (under 5)                      $ 55 

 Fringe                                $ 20~ 


                                      Wash & Dry   

                                           $ 80~

with Straightening Iron / Blow Dry finish

                                    Plus $20~


    (incl. designer cut, shampoo&dry)

※ Extra charge may apply depending on perm design.

Cold Perm                  Digital Perm

Men's $195~                                   

S/M $ 230~                      M $ 360

    L $ 250~                      L  $ 380

   VL $ 290~                     VL $ 400 

                  Permanent Straightening     

(incl. SHISEIDO Pre-lotion and Treatment, Cureplex,

Cut, shampoo&dry)

   ※Extra charge may apply depending on one's hair condition.(ex: thickness of the hair)           

         Shiseido Proffesional  

                 S/M $ 370~

                    L  $ 390~

                   VL $ 470~

                                 Basic Colour    

                   (incl. shampoo & dry)

               ※Designer Cut: +$65 (Men's S+$57)


 ※Extra charge may apply depending on colour design

Retouch(within 3months)       Full

                                        VS $ 115~

S $ 120~                           S $ 125~

M $ 125~                         M $ 145~

 L $ 135~                           L $ 165~

VL $155~                         VL $210~

                       Foil / Design Colour   

                      (incl. shampoo & dry)

※Designer Cut +$65 (Men's short+$57)                  

※Extra charge may apply depending on colour design

                                       Half                                 Full                                      

  S/M $170~                       S/M $215~    
      L $195~                            L $250~   

      VL$240~                           VL$300~    

         Double Process Colour   

                    (incl. shampoo & dry)

※Designer Cut: +$65 (Men's short+$57)


​※Extra charge may apply depending on colour and design.


                       S/M $340~

                           L $390~


            1Bleach+1Design colour 

                       S/M $400~

                           L $450~

                         VL $485~



                           Quick Treatment   

                        (with other service)

                     3 Steps Care 
                        S +$25 

                       M +$30

                        L +$35 



                         Deluxe Treatment   

                          (with other service)         

                  Internal Repair

                          S +$65

                         M +$70

                          L +$75

                        VL +$85

(with shampoo&dry: S/M $90, L $100, VL $120) 

           TRISYSCORE Customized Haircare

                          S +$70

                         M +$75

                          L +$85

                        VL +$95 

(with shampoo&dry: S/M $95, L $110, VL $130)

                 Head Spa

                   S - VL  +$60 

    (with shampoo&dry: S/M +$85, L/VL +$100)           


          Head Spa&Treatment

                         S +$65

                         M +$70

                          L +$80

                         VL +$90 

(with shampoo&dry: S/M $100, L $115, VL $130)


                Normal $ 90~

                   Bridal hair : Please ask for an quote

★All prices are subject to change upon consultation.

​​★No surcharge for all card payment.

★An additional $5 will be charged if you choose anyone in particular.

★All prices are incl.GST

Please contact us for any further details.

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