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Online booking is available.

◉ Any bleached or high-lighted hair may not offer for our perming  or straightening  to avoid extreme damage to your hair.

◉  Your appointment request may be declined when assessing your hair, depending on the condition.

If you would prefer a particular hairdresser, $5 is charged for this nomination.   

◉ 当店では、ブリーチ毛又はハイライト毛のパーマ・縮毛矯正の施術は、髪への負担の考慮をし、お断りさせていただいております。

◉ スタッフのご指名をご希望の際には、指名料$5をいただいております。

◉ ご予約内容がご希望に添えないこともございますので予めご了承下さい。

◉ ご予約内容の確認を電話でさせて頂くことがございますのでご了承下さい。

Colorful Glass Objects


  Straightening & Digital Perm



     High performance commercial grade Air Purifiers

            have been set up to improve air quality

   for Permanent Straightening &Digital Perm service.



Our store has limited the number of appointment slots for Permanent Straightening per day.

Please contact us by phone:07 3211 0045 or to request for any further enquiry!

●Japanese Straightening : S/M $370~, L $390~, VL $470~

 incl. cureplex, hair cut, shampoo and dry.

※ An extra charge may apply depending on hair condition.

(eg: thickness of the hair)

●Digital Perm ( incl. hair cut, shampoo&dry) : All length $380



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   [ IMPORTANT ]    

  Price Change Notice






    今後も一層充実した技術とサービスをご実感して頂けますよう スタッフ一同、



 Dear clients of aria Hair Salon

 We sincerely thank you for your continued patronage that made our store successful over the long years.

 With the growing inflation, the cost of running our salon has increased dramatically.

 After carefully reviewing the all of our necessary costs, we made our decision of changing and adjusting the prices. The new pricing will be effective from the 1st of July 2023.

 Please refer to the ‘ Services’ pages on our website for the new prices.


 We greatly appreciate your understanding and continued support.

 As always, we are committed to delivering the highest quality services possible.

 Thank you

 aria Hair Salon


Online booking is available now.

Once you receive our confirmation notice, your appointment will be completed.

Please note that some chemical services needs processing time. We may contact you directly to assist in processing.


Your appointment may be cancelled or rescheduled as it reduces the time devoted for the service and causes following clients to be delayed.  Each hairdresser looks after each client in a relatively limited time slot and a delay has flow on effects.

We appreciate your understanding.

As soon as become aware that you will not be on time, please give us a phone call and we will arrange to meet your expectations as much as possible.



No-shows or Last-minute cancellations do have a significant impact on us. Please phone us provide reasonable notice or at least before 24hours of the appointment time so that the appointment slot can be filled by another client.



$5 is charged if you would prefer a particular hairdresser.


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